Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Microsoft Arc mouse

Microsoft Arc mouse looks very nice and comfortable, with a futuristic design and really portable. It will be priced at $59.95.

Shaped like a crescent moon, arc folds closed to reduce in size by almost half, giving consumers the comfort of a full-sized mouse with the portability of a notebook mouse.

Wireless and collapsible, the optical device seems to be the real thing, and comes in both red and black. Microsoft has also kept its price-point within reach of normal consumers.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Watch Computer

Info-Live Watch is a data organizer for connecting to the internet world. INFO Live is not a complex PC concept but a very simple one in the form of an easy wearable bracelet. It is able to transfer data information to any hardware and person any moment in time of need.

It can perform various tasks combining a mobile handset with personal computer functionality.

Measuring 55 x 20 x 180 mm, the Info-Live can be used for Internet connectivity, data transfer with other wireless enabled devices, store lots of information, receive latest news, e-mails, messages, documents in real-time, watch videos, pictures , listen to the music, write documents and many more.

Monday, September 1, 2008

B-membrane Laptop/Desktop

A concept computer designed by Korean designer Won-Seok Lee.

It has no bulky monitors, just a UFO shape system that displays screen like a projector.

Operates with a projector that beams the display onto any surface the computer has a built in optical drive as well as membrane keyboard that only appears when needed. When not used as a computer, the projector can beam ambient light effects on any surface you desire.

Since this is just a concept computer, it will probably take some time for this vision to be realized.

Electronic Pen For Non-tablet Monitors

Penandfree unveiled its next-generation wireless electronic input pen known as ‘Duo’ during IFA 2008, held in Berlin, Germany.

It allows users to write letters or figures on up to 22-inch non-tablet monitors. Penandfree claims that their pen is 10 times cheaper than using a tablet monitor. The Duo is compatible with MS Office/Note and MSN messenger.

It will be available in Korea at the end of this month.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New N Series Smartphones from Nokia

Here's some good news for Nokia's N series fans. Nokia has just recently added two powerful N series Smartphones in the huge mobile phones line up. The specifications and other information on the N85 and N79

Smartphones were released.

Both Nokia’s latest N-series smartphones will come with 5 megapixel cameras with Carl Zeiss optics; integrated Wi-Fi; and a three-month subscription for turn-by-turn GSP navigation with Nokia Maps.

The N79 is a candy bar handset where as the N85 is a dual slider much like the N95.

Nokia N79 Candybar Mobile Phone

It is High End multimedia phone, the handset comes with changeable back covers in five colours: Light Sea Blue, Espresso Brown, Olive Green, White and Coral Red.

Now let’s take a look over the Specs & features:

• GPS with A-GPS support on Nokia Maps 2.0
• Geo tagging support
• 5MP auto-focus camera
• Carl Zeiss optics
• Lens cover like the N82
• Dual LED flashes
• N-Gage
• 3G
• Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth with A2DP support
• 2.4 inch TFT display
• 240 x 320 pixel resolution sporting 16 million colours
• 4 GB microSD memory card

It will be available in market from October 2008 and costs around Rs. 22, 500 approximately without applicable taxes

The N85 on the other hand is a gaming device.

Specs & features of the device include:

• 2.6-inch OLED screen
• N-Gage gaming
• Music with in-built FM transmitter
• 5 megapixel auto-focus camera
• Carl Zeiss optics
• Dual LED flash
• Geotagging
• 3.5G HSDPA
• Wi-fi
• Bluetooth (A2DP)
• 8GB microSD card
• RDS radio
• 3.5mm audio jack
• A-GPS support

It will be available for it’s users by October 2008 and costs around Rs. 28, 800 approximately without applicable taxes

Monday, August 25, 2008

Busy in Summer Training

Hi friends!
These days I have a busy schedule due to my MBA summer training. I am learning a lot out of the work I am doing. Well as the training is about to complete in a week or so I was thinking to meet you all people soon at the colllege.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Keyboard Scanner

A new computer keyboard KS810 or Keyscan launched with an in-built scanner. Keyscan claims to do this for the first time.

Key Scan KS810 is the world’s only PC keyboard with a built-in color scanner. It is designed for both office and home purposes. With Key Scan you can use it for everything from receipts to incoming letters to pages you want to send as e-mail attachments.
It offers full page scanning at 300 dpi with 5 seconds in gray mode and 14-15 seconds in colour mode.
The KS810 offers a maximum optical resolution of 600 pixels per inch, which is more than enough office use. The KS810 set comes includes NoTouch-AutoScan software, letting user to scan without pressing any buttons. KS810 Keyboard Scanner currently retails at $159.
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